Fort Worth Bed Bug Heat Treatment

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Fort Worth Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Fort Worth Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Beverage distributor takes control of freight with TMS, saving time by 87%

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Indonesia, Jetrans Logistics

“Last year, we were really struggling with getting trucks and suppliers to ship in a timely manner, as well as find out where our trucks were,” said Brandon Elliott, supply chain specialist at Hayden Beverage. “That was a big thing — we didn’t even know where half of our inbound trucks were. We couldn’t give our customers a good ETA on when that product was going to be in house or back on their shelves because we quite frankly didn’t know.”

Boise-based Hayden Beverage distributes beer, wine, and nonalcoholic beverages, including brands like Red Bull, Mike’s/White Claw and Pabst Blue Ribbon, with several warehouses in Idaho and Montana. Servicing big chains, convenience stores and restaurants, it expects to receive and ship out over 9 million cases of product per year to customers.

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