Fort Worth Bed Bug Heat Treatment

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Fort Worth Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Fort Worth Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Subscription box boom: How solutions provider innovates to sustain 300% growth

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Financial services firm UBS projects the subscription market to be worth $1.5 trillion by 2025, doubling the $650 billion it’s worth today. Even as the pandemic’s restrictions loosen, the subscription box trend is proving its stickiness, while the supply chain supporting this boom scrambles to deliver on-time and secure capacity to keep up with increasing demand. 

Roger Heil, senior business solutions manager at logistics solutions provider Elanders, ⁠spoke with FreightWaves about sustaining 10-20% month-over-month growth over the last year. He also shared insight into his role as an industry change agent and how Elanders’ partnership with Convoy has been instrumental in helping him secure last-minute capacity. 

“COVID-19 was a surprise and a challenge,” said Heil. “We were actually preparing for a reduction in demand, and then lo and behold, it took off. We were looking for every partner in this town to help us put all the different packages together. Then the freight just blew up along with it. We’re watching the numbers very closely now to see if the market maintains this growth pattern, but people can get hooked on their subscription boxes.”

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